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Voluntary Administration Brisbane is a insolvency procedure where either a director or a secured creditor appoints a voluntary administrator to investigate the financially troubled company.

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voluntary administration brisbane

Voluntary Administration Brisbane Process, What, When & Why?

The Voluntary Administrator investigates the financially troubled company’s operations. They decided whether or not a company will enter liquidation, or if it will be passed back onto the directors.

In addition, either a liquidator or a secured creditor can appoint them. Likewise, one of their duties is to report to the creditors of the happenings and their likely opinions of the company.

Can’s and Cant’s – Voluntary Administration Brisbane illustrates the following:

  • A court application cannot be submitted to put the company into liquidation;
  • A creditor cannot get personal guarantee with out the courts consent, nor can they enforce their charge; and
  • One cannot recover their property – Whether they are used or occupied by the company.

Moreover, we follow these guidelines in assisting you, our client for the best possible outcome. Voluntary Administration Brisbane, Safeguard Insolvency guards you and your company from any unnecessary issues and can help prevent any further problems you, and your business may have.

Concluding the above, are you thinking of putting your company into Voluntary Administration Brisbane? We have a trusted team of liquidators, accountants, lawyers and advisers who can help you through this process. We will Safeguard you, and your business.

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