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personal insolvency brisbane

Personal Insolvency Brisbane, Advise from Industry Experts

Safeguard Insolvency prides themselves in providing professional services in tidying up loose ends before an individual goes into insolvency. We take care of our clients, and we will work them through the process until the very end.

For personal insolvency, the following areas are of most concern:

  1. Arrange private trustee – someone that we have a woodworking relationship with
  2. Family home – we establish equity and position after bankruptcy
  3. Clarify binding financial agreements
  4. Clarify family law position
  5. Clarify debts including SPER debt and other debt not extinguished by bankruptcy
  6. Motor Vehicles – there is an allowance and this can be reached in a number of ways
  7. Clarify creditors and deports of family and friends
  8. Clarify ownership of all assets held in household
  9. Credits reports
  10. Income contributions to the trustee
  11. Freedom to travel

We are not a big fans of Part IX’s and X’s, however they do have their places. We always provide an alternative to bankruptcy if there is one. Often debts can be negotiated down and informal arrangements made to settle that debt.

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