Bankruptcy When Does It End

Bankruptcy when does it end, is the question individuals ask before filing for Bankruptcy.

The short answer is three to five years. The Brisbane Trustee or Court will review all your files after three to five years and determine if you are ready to come out of Bankruptcy.

bankruptcy when does it end

Bankruptcy and Who Decides

Bankruptcy and who decides is the question that you should be asking prior to submitting your bankruptcy paperwork.

This includes allowing the process of three to five years to end and become discharge and you may have your bankruptcy annulled.

The process of bankruptcy annulment can be achieved by the following:

  1. Apply to the court
  2. Make an offer pursuant to Section 73 of the Bankruptcy Act (Cth). This is an arrangement that you propose to your creditors through your trustee, it can be anything you like. It is recommended that you are to propose something your creditors will accept.

For your proposal to likely be achievable, and to find out when does bankruptcy end, please keep in mind that you need to have 71{ec9999f676ffda98b2d1f5757f77e1b10eddb8e9b81d6d7a83ebec24995f0f6a} in value, and 51{ec9999f676ffda98b2d1f5757f77e1b10eddb8e9b81d6d7a83ebec24995f0f6a} in the number of people who vote, or your proposal will fail.

Further to this, if the prearrangement of funds to the trustee is sufficient to pay out the debts and costs of the Bankruptcy, in full, the bankruptcy may be terminated.

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